Track company-wide travel expenses and reign in travel budgets with accurate reporting.
Powerful cost-cutting tools
From a comprehensive dashboard to online transaction reports and automatic expense tracking charts, our clever tools equip you not only to track travel costs but to reduce them too.
Intelligent reports for detailed perspectives
Sanyog.tours offers multi-dimensional reports with details of every business trip made by each employee. Keep company budgets in check by monitoring how much any individual – or department – is coming, going and spending on travel.
Real costs tracked in real-time
Our intuitive reporting system lets you track travel costs by date ranges, type of travel, destination and department – all in real time. You can even use custom tags to categorize travel expenses the way you want, such as by project or client.
Best-in-class commercial benefits
Sanyog.tours gives you unmatched commercial discounts on domestic and international air travel, as well as on hotel stays. These discounts, incorporated into your exclusive Sanyog.tours URL, help you save up to 10% over retail booking rates.
Optimised travel policies, improved compliance
Sanyog.tours tracks and reports the minimum, maximum and average prices available for flights and hotels, and shows you when employees had cheaper options but didn't book them. This helps you fine-tune your travel policies and effectively cut costs.
Downloadable reports at your service
Keep track of all travel records and spending with our automated reports. View reports online or download them in familiar file formats such as Excel or PDF. Storing data has never been this easy and accurate.
Managing travellers has never been so easy.
The more, the merrier
Administrators, travel managers, travellers, users and all employees — Sanyog.tours provides easy user management for as many people in your company as you need. And it gives you the freedom to let travellers bookings themselves, or through a single travel manager.
People profiling made easy
Sanyog.tours stores travel details and preferences for each person and maintains up-to-date records of personal contact information so that every business trip is archived perfectly. You can save detailed information for each person in your account, including contact information, travel preferences and account permissions.
Stay in control
Sanyog.tours allows you to set accounts and user permissions with 5 access levels that you can define for each user, so every expense is in your control. These permissions can be set at a company, department or even an individual level.
Managing people is simpler than ever!
Sanyog.tours makes managing your travelers delightfully simple. It allows you to add all your employees, import large lists and create departments; lets users manage their own profiles and lots more.
  • Quick imports: Your account supports the industry-standard vCard format. Import one person at a time or several people at once by uploading a vCard.
  • Departmental organisation: Setup departments and assign people to them to track your travel expenses by department.
  • Profile management: Let users manage their own profiles to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Set approvals: Every trip needs an approval from an authorised person unless mentioned otherwise. Trips can even be approved from mobile devices.
  • Emergency bookings: Grant users the privilege to book without approvals.
Robust tools make travel simple before and after you book.
Seek and you shall find
Our spectacular line-up of products and tools takes care of all your pre- and post-travel needs. From helping you find the ideal flights, hotels and trains to organising your travel via reports, deposit accounts, flight & train calendars and group bookings, it's all right here in one place.
If you need it, we have it
Your Sanyog.tours account allows you to book worldwide flights and hotels as well as trains from Indian Railways. Access over 590 international and 90 domestic destinations, and over 113,000 hotels around the world at the click of a button.
Your policy is our command
Set your flight or hotel booking policy once, and search results and bookings automatically adhere to it. If someone needs to make an out-of-policy booking, they'll have to enter a reason for doing so.
Get what you want
Our sophisticated set of sorting and filtering options lets you find flights, trains and accommodation based on your specific business needs. And if an airline offers special corporate fares, we display those too. You can even put international flights on hold and book later - just like with your travel agent.
  • By flight specifics: Search by departure and arrival times, airlines, number of stops, etc.
  • By hotel preferences: Search by location, hotel chain and more, and even get travel reviews from TripAdvisor.
  • By train choices: Get complete access to all European Rails through Travelport GDS.
Trippin' on cool tools
Sanyog.tours is equipped with a powerful array of management tools to support you after your bookings are done.
Get ready to get organised.
  • Instant notifications: Trip notifications are automatically sent via email and SMS. Additional notifications can also be sent at any time by all users.
  • Automated refunds: No more long-drawn reimbursement processes. The centralised payment mechanism of Sanyog.tours automatically refunds failed bookings.
  • Always in sync: Personal and group travel calendars can be automatically synchronised with your favourite calendar application. Subscribe to the travel calendar and let it do your work.
  • Paper-free preferred: Download paperless copies of your airline and train tickets, hotel vouchers and invoices online. If you must have it on paper, just hit ‘Print’.
  • Your timekeeper: Every booked trip is displayed on a standardized online iCalendar supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others.
  • Online cancellations: Business travel plans change often, Sanyog.tours lets you cancel your trip online in an instant.
Easy payment options with one thing in common: bulletproof security.
Pay it safe
Payment processes through Sanyog.tours are safe, centralised and - most importantly - fast. Make secure payments via a variety of payment options or use our centralised flexible deposit system to save even more time.
Deposit account
If you're tired of paying per trip for all the business travel at your organisation, consider using our handy Deposit Account service. Just deposit a lump sum into the account via cheque, demand draft or wire transfer and every time you make a booking, the payment is automatically deducted from the account. You can split the deposit account into different buckets for different users or departments and check or download a list of all debits and credits of the account in real-time.
Set email and SMS alerts for your deposit account and we'll notify you when your account balance dips below your specified level.
Money matters
Sanyog.tours lets you pay for business travel in a bunch of convenient ways like Credit cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Deposits.
Top-notch security
With support for 128-bit encryption, Sanyog.tours uses the world’s most secure data encryption algorithms to protect your online payments.
Certified by the best
All payments made by Sanyog.tours users are independently verified and certified by Comodo Group, Inc. The most trusted name in online commerce.